There are 55 known deposits of uranium in Virginia. This is not solely an issue for Southern Virginia. This is a statewide issue.

Is the Reward of Uranium Mining in Southern Virginia worth the Risk?

The Alliance for Progress in Southern Virginia is a pro-economic development coalition of businesses farmers, community leaders, property owners and area residents representing the entire Southern Virginia region. We believe the statewide ban on uranium mining should not be lifted unless and until the safety and wellbeing of the Commonwealth, this region, and our citizens can be assured.

We support economic development in Danville, Pittsylvania County and across the region while remaining committed to the long-term welfare of all citizens of Southern Virginia.

Southern VA Citizens’ Views Regarding the Ban on Uranium Mining

Conducted by VCU’s Survey and Evaluation Research Laboratory

In June 2012 a survey was conducted of Danville and Pittsylvania County citizens at the request of The Alliance for Progress in Southern Virginia. The purpose of the research was to better understand local attitudes toward uranium mining and issues surrounding uranium mining. The questions, which are shown below, are the exact questions answered by nearly 600 citizens. The size of the sample assures that the results of the research are statistically significant.

(The percentages listed do not equal 100%. In each question, “don’t know” or “no answer” responses are not included in the survey results for the purpose of clarity. In addition, these numbers are inclusive of those who feel strongly or somewhat strongly either way and are listed as one number. This was a telephone survey and the questions listed in this summary were asked in this exact order.)

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Industry Impacts

riskProduction agriculture and wood products are still the region’s number one industry, with an economic impact exceeding $200 million annually and that figure is growing. Global competition for ag commodities is fierce, and countries do not need much of an excuse to look elsewhere for product. One sick cow in Washington State shut down the US Beef export market for months a few years ago. With a native industry like farming on the rise, why take the risk of mining uranium in the area?

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questionEven if the ban on uranium mining were lifted tomorrow, it would still be years before any uranium was actually removed from the ground. Why take the risk?

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Economic Development

chartEconomic uncertainty is usually the primary reason the stock market falls. Investors are wary in times of economic uncertainty. Businesses will not invest in themselves by expanding or relocating if there is uncertainty about the potential marketplace. With all of this very real uncertainty about the business efficacy of uranium mining, why should we take the risk?

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Chamber of Commerce Meeting

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